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Workplace Ergonomics: Protect Your Workers

Workplace Safety : Employees Ergonomics Safety

Take the next 4 minutes to think about your workplace’s ergonomics whether it is in the office, onsite construction site or the delivery of supplies. 

A study of  workers in California showed that there were more than 3,000 back injuries that happen each year that ultimately totaled over $22 million in workers' compensation costs. Both the CDC and NIOSH believe improved work practices and tools will reduce sprains and strains. 

Many jobs your employees do may already be highly physically demanding putting stress on the body, if there are simple solutions to reduce that fatigue on their body, would you?
Regardless of the type of industry your company might be in here are a few ideas that can help lower ergonomic injury rates. 

• Prior to lifting, determine the weight of the load by pushing on the object.

• If the weight of the load is beyond your capability, find someone to assist you with lifting the load or use a forklift, dolly, or hand truck to move the load.

• Studies conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) concluded there was insufficient evidence to recommend the use of back belts to prevent back injuries.

• Last, but not least, if you have questions please know you can always reach out to your loss control consultant at RPS Regency.

Nathan Tipton
Risk Control Consultant
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