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Sedgwick Nurse Triage – Available 24/7 | 844.998.2148

The nurse is available to evaluate and initiate action for your employee's injury.

The nurse will review your employee's injury and:

1.  Prescribe self-care treatment directly to the employee, in which case no claim will be    established or fee applied.

2.  Direct treatment to an approved in-network facility or telemedicine provider. The nurse will coordinate the visit by providing information to both the provider and fund member. Fund members will still need to file a claim as they would normally. A claim for can be accessed and submitted using the intake methods on your roster. 

If the employee has already sought care prior to calling in, they will be referred to their supervisor.

A nurse visit fee of approximately $120 will be applied to your claim cost in these instances. 

In most cases, triage care will provide a quicker return to work and a better claim outcome.  Historically, close to 25% of all triage calls are resolved through employee self-care treatment.

Triage calls may reduce emergency room and urgent care visits that have an average costs of $1,200 and $200 respectively.