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Board of Trustees

Fund operations are directed by the Board of Trustees, elected by the general membership of the Fund. The Trustees meet four to five times a year and are responsible for management and oversight of the Fund. They review financial performance, underwriting performance, and authorize all claim settlements.

Curt DeVries, Chair, Plainwell 
Mr. DeVries represents Harding’s Markets-West. Curt is a founding member of the Fund and the board of trustees. 

Richard Cole, Vice-Chair, Belding  
Mr. Cole represents Leppink's Food Centers. The company has been a member of the Fund since 2014. Richard joined the board of trustees in 2018.

Dave Duthler, Trustee, Grand Rapids  
Mr. Duthler represents Roger’s Foodland. The company has been a member and Dave a trustee since the Fund’s inception.

Kim Kennedy, Trustee, Jackson  
Mr. Kennedy represents Polly’s Country Markets. As a founding member, Kim has been on the board since 2014.

Paul O'Donnell, Trustee, Troy  
Mr. O'Donnell represents Nino Salvaggio International. The company has been a member of the Fund since 2016.  Paul joined the board of trustees in 2020.

Michael Rupp, Trustee, Kalamazoo  
Mr. Rupp represents Town & Country Supermarkets.  Town & Country Supermarkets joined the Fund in 2014.  Mike became a trustee in 2021.

Ryan Jacques, Trustee, Lansing  
Mr. Jacques represents Pure Options.  Pure Options joined the Fund in 2022.  Ryan was appointed to the board in 2023.